Welcome to International Conference Business Education Social Sciences and Technology 2019

CONFERENCE                                           VENUE

VIENNA dates 4-6 March 2019                         The Roomz Hotel, Vienna, Austria

LONDON dates 7-8 March 2019                       The University of London, UK

LOS ANGELES dates 15-16 April 2019                  The University of California, Los Angeles, USA

AMSTERDAM dates 9-10 May 2019                       Park Inn Radisson Airport Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

COPENHAGEN dates 3-4 July 2019                        Park Inn Radisson Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark

BUDAPEST date 8-9 July 2019                                Central European University, Budapest, Hungary  

MOSCOW date 11-12 July 2019                               Park Inn Radisson Hotel, Moscow, Russia

LONDON date 7-8 August 2019                               The University of London, UK

BERLIN dates 30- 31 October 2019                          Mercure Hotel Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany

BRUSSELS dates 28-30 November 2019                  Mercure Hotel Brussels, Belgium

SAN FRANCISCO date 6-8 December 2019            San Francisco State University, CA,USA

SAN DIEGO date 12-13 December 2019                  San Diego State University, CA, USA





PURPOSE of Conference

This conference organized by ICBTS Conference Center and IJBTS Journal was five years ago we have the conference success thirty-five events. Our objective is publishing academic research and international conference center worldwide. we have organized the quality academic conference  and multidisciplinary.

in addition to the second objective of this program is to give academics an opportunity to present their academic works, concepts and new discoveries. Moreover, participants will have a chance to exchange their ideas and develop their works. Also, they will meet academics from universities around the world and create alliances to improve their works.

The third objective of this program is to allow academics to get to know one another closelyParticipants will go to the field trip together and take part in the presentation of their works, leading to idea sharing. In addition, they will join in studying the distinctive qualities of the country, leading to the discovery and development of their academic knowledge. This opportunity will enable the academics to apply, improve and develop their works. Besides, they will have a room to share their ideas and draw on new academic works.

this conference worldwide 2018-2019 please select submitted the conference topics as follow :

- International Business and Econimics

- International Social Science and Humanities 

- International Education and Teaching

-International Innovation Technology

If  your research interests belong in the classification in International Journal of Business Tourism and Applied Sciences. For an accurate and review, please put jet classification in article before submission. The International Refereed Conference Proceedings will be blind peer reviewed by two competent reviewers. The post conference proceedings will be submitted to be indexed in Google Scholar for possible Indexing. In addition to, we also have a selection of the best quality articles in the conference submit to published in the journal database SCOPUS. The conference proceedings book with ISBN, CD and certificate of presentation will be distributed to the conference participants at the conference registration desk.

Paper Submitted to : icbts@ictttconference.com


The Conference Amsterdam 2018 will have guide the tour in Amsterdam


The Conference Zurich 2018 will have guide the tour in Switzerland


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